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Zoning Board of Review Abutter Notification Changes

Starting May 1st, 2017

Post Date:04/04/2017 2:08 PM

Important Notice

For all Zoning Board of Review Applicants

Beginning May 1, 2017

Due to changes in software and other factors, beginning May 1, 2017, the city’s zoning office will no longer be performing the tasks of generating and sending out abutter notices for zoning applications.  This task will be solely the responsibility of the applicant and must be carried out pursuant to Section 17.108.010(B)(4) which states:

The zoning board of review shall hold a public hearing in an expeditious manner after receipt of a complete application. Public notice shall be given at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the city which shall specify date, time, place, purpose of the hearing, and street address of the subject property. Notice of hearing shall be sent by first class mail fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the hearing to the applicant and to all those who would require notice under Section 17.112.070. The cost of notification shall be borne by the applicant.

Upon receipt of an application, the submitted documents will be reviewed for completeness. A notice paragraph will be generated by staff and will be emailed to the applicant for notification of abutters. The applicant will be responsible for the preparation of an abutter map showing all property within 200’ of the subject property, sending out the appropriate letter of notice, and providing, for the file, a list certifying that the abutting property owners were notified.

The City is currently working on developing an abutter’s tool for its GIS public portal, an announcement will be made when the tool is up and running.

We will continue to handle the general notice postings in local newspaper, Secretary of State website, and the City’s website.

            A copy of the certification list along with a blank abutter notice will be available in the Office of Zoning & Inspections.
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