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Welcome to the City of Newport's Staff Directory.

This page contains the name, job title, work telephone number and E-mail address for City of Newport employees. You may search by name, department or division to simplify your search.

Baccari Jr., JamesWater Meter RepairDepartment of Utilities(401) 845-5606
Baldaia, JosephLaborer Equipment OperatorDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5802
Barden, EricPolice SergeantPolice Department(401) 847-1302
Barker, MelissaGIS CoordinatorDepartment of Civic Investment(401) 845-5473
Barrows, RichardFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5900
Beaulieu, JoelFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5900
Beebe Jr., WayneFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5900
Behan, ChristopherCity SolicitorCity Solicitor(401) 845-5423
Belcher, GregoryPolice SergeantPolice Department(401) 847-1302
Bennett IV, WilliamMaintenance PersonDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5621
Bestoso, NormanResearch & Development AdministratorPolice Department(401) 845-5750
Billings, JackPolice OfficerPolice Department(401) 847-1302
Blank III, MichaelFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5960
Blount, ChristopherFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5950
Boardman, WilliamCity EngineerDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5842
Boiani, PeterFire LieutenantFire Department(401) 845-5960
Bona, BenCustodianDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5354
Botelho, DonaldBuilding Maintenance ForemanDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5355
Bova, JamieCity CouncillorCity Council(401) 845-5494
Bowman, CarolSenior Principal ClerkDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5804