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Welcome to the City of Newport's Staff Directory.

This page contains the name, job title, work telephone number and E-mail address for City of Newport employees. You may search by name, department or division to simplify your search.

Ramey, WilliamPublic Safety DispatcherPolice Department(401) 847-1302
Rearick, ScottFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5900
Redmond, TimothyFire CaptainFire Department(401) 845-5950
Reis, ErikEaston's Beach ManagerDepartment of Public Services, Easton's Beach(401) 845-5813
Reynolds, EdwardLaborer Equipment OperatorDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5802
Riccio, FrankEngineering TechnicianDepartment of Utilities(401) 845-5635
Riccio, Jr., WilliamDirector of Public ServicesDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5841
Rice, LeeSupervisor of StreetsDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5621
Riding, MarkFire LieutenantFire Department(401) 845-5950
Ridolf, CharlesForesterDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5802
Rimoshytus, JamesFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5950
Ring, PaulCustodianDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5354
Ripa Jr., PaulFire CaptainFire Department(401) 845-5950
Roach, JasonPolice OfficerPolice Department(401) 847-1302
Roberts, JamesAssistant Water Treatment SuperintendentDepartment of Utilities(401) 845-5829
Rodrigues, PaulForemanDepartment of Public Services(401) 845-5811
Rolando, TimothyFirefighterFire Department(401) 845-5900
Roque, JosephSupervisor Water Distribution and CollectionDepartment of Utilities(401) 845-5609
Rosa Jr., FrankPolice LieutenantPolice Department(401) 845-5715
Rubin, BrigidSenior ClerkRecreation Department(401) 845-5800